about me

Aaron is an award-winning singer/songwriter from the small town of Rockwood located about 40 miles west of Knoxville in East Tennessee. After graduating high school he found a passion and career in Emergency Medical Services. He graduated from Tennessee Tech University and then moved to North Carolina to aid a non-profit organization (Second Chance Global) with its mission work in Haiti. 

Aaron began writing music from an early age. Once he learned how to play guitar he discovered the role of singer/songwriter. This discovery led to a deeper love of songwriting. The pivotal moment happened in early 2021 while Aaron was visiting a friend in Tennessee. After co-writing a song over a few cold beers, he returned to North Carolina revisiting several unfinished songs. This was the moment Aaron decided to chase his dream of being a professional singer/songwriter! 

In 2021 he reconnected with a long-time friend and internationally touring singer/songwriter, Jeremy Neely; they began writing together and as iron sharpens iron, Aaron learned more about writing, playing, and releasing music. Aaron’s first single, “Hit Rewind” (released in December of 2021) took off with amazing responses from streaming services as well as several radio stations around the world adding the song to their regular rotation. 

The music has been compared to some of the country’s biggest stars like Morgan Wallen, Luke Combs, Hank Williams Jr, and more! Each song tells a story, whether it be about drinking cold beer to growing up in a small town. His music has something for everyone to enjoy and we are excited about upcoming projects for 2023.